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American Standard

American Standard Brands: Driving Operational and Management Excellence.

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"In working with Reddin Consultants, I immediately saw the transformation in my team when they began driving effectiveness areas and establishing marketing objectives against goals."

- Roberto Martinez, Commercial Director,
American Standard Brands


Reddin Consultants supports leading global water manufacturing company to drive for dramatic results.

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“One of the best decisions I ever made was to put the Management for Results system into practice so that our business strategy and implementation with Lean-Six Sigma could be used to ensure it brought about sustainable results.”

- Juan Carrera, VP Operations, R&CW, ITT Corp.

Modulo Solar

Modulo Solar: An Entrpreneur's Journey of Growth and Sustainability.

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"I realized as I worked with my team in the Reddin Consultants' Managerial Effectiveness Seminar that as an owner I can do what I want, but as a manager I have to do what is demanded by the business.’’

- Octavio Garcia, Founder and Managing Director, Modular Solar


Renault Mexico: Creating a Culture of Results Orientation.

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"I also achieved a personal goal: I got my second MBA though Management by Absence... I no longer needed to have my eyes, head and hands over everything."

- CEO of Renault Mexico


Civic Innovator Refocuses its Social Outreach and Works with Reddin Consultants to Expand its Impact.

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“Reddin Consultants helped me to not lose sight of what people do, and to define the exact purpose of their jobs.''

- Erika Laveaga, National Director, Unidos Somos Iguales


Reddin Consultants supports leading automotive part manufacturer renew its culture of excellence.

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"One of the reasons I selected Reddin Consultants to come and support us is that their model and methodology shows how to measure one's contribution of any given action to the business. That speaks to out business culture and needs."

- Emilio Santamaria, HR Director, Valeo Mexico