What we look for

We search for unusual abilities and a record of success and achievement. There are certain qualities that lend themselves to making exceptional consultants: ability to synthesize complex information, problem-solving skills, personal influence and results orientation.

People like Alonso join our firm because they want to expand upon their specialized expertise and abilities. Or, like Juan Pablo, they want to broaden their opportunities by maximizing specialized skills in areas like financial management.

Others join us looking for a new perspective in the business world. After many successful years working in media and travel in strategic planning, Hilda wanted to do work where she can have a significant and lasting impact.

We want to know how engaged and active you are in your community such as charity, working as a volunteer, or involved with professional organizations. Have you held positions of responsibility? How has your engagement positively impacted the organization? Perhaps it was your extraordinary commitment, the initiatives you have taken, or your leadership skills.

Do let us know if you had any other outstanding achievements or roles, such as captain of the debate team, class president or captain of the swim team while you were in university; or high level performance in music or any extracurricular activity. Tell us about your successes while you were engaged with these activities. Of course, these should be activities that help us better understand who you are.

As a global and international firm we do appreciate people who have language skills. Please let us know if you have foreign language speaking ability, rating yourself as basic, competent or fluent.