Reddin Consultants offers intensive, hands-on workshop-based programs that apply well researched and practiced transformative techniques, which have proven successful in increasing organizational capabilities, and organizational flexibility and improving labor relations.

These three workshops are tailored and focused on addressing your specific need in creating more flexible, integrated and highly skilled organizations. The framework, models, and tools are based on  more than 35 years of insight in working with clients all over the world.

We all know that change is a constant. In these programs you will face and address those issues governing your organization’s survival and continued success.

You will learn the factors that bar promising organizational transformations whether it is building capabilities, learning to be more flexible, results oriented and impactful as an organization, or ensuring that those who need to be empowered and included become committed.

You and your organization will have a far better grasp of the complexities of interpersonal issues and strategic factors to become a much more effective and agents of change. By the end of the program you will understand the strategies with immediate application that make you and your organization more successful.