Client Story: ITT

Business Situation

The business divisions in the Fluid Technology platform focused on manufacturing and production of pumps and valves with a global leadership role in sales and quality excellence.

In 2006, one of its business units recently acquired and merged 11 different manufacturing and sales operations to form the second largest company on the Fluid Technology platform.

By 2008, the company was receiving complaints about late deliveries and poor customer service from the manufacturing plants and revenue overall was not meeting expectations.

Business Solution

Reddin Consultant’s Management for Results intervention program was implemented in the Operations function worldwide to bring awareness, results orientation, and effectiveness for the right impact.

Business Results

Culture of effectiveness disabling cultural barriers.

  • On-Time-Delivery increased from 84% to 94%
  • Inventory Turns increase 4 – 5.6
  • Safety improved by 50%
  • OP income margins increase by 16%
  • Lean Transformation produced labor productivity between 20% – 30%
  • Saving on materials increase from $12M to $22M
  • Lean Six Sigma savings increased from $4M to $20M per year.