Client Story: Modulo Solar

Business Situation

Mexico by the mid 1980’s was in the throes of a grave economic crisis, later dubbed the lost decade. Modulo Solar, for the first time, after a decade of solid growth, was experiencing more than a 30% decrease in sales.

The Octavio realized he needed help to survive the financial crisis, and this demanded how he was managing his business. He realized he needed to think differently, consider other elements, and change his perspective on his business.

Business Solution

Octavio Garcia, the Founder and Managing Director of Modulo Solar, enrolled himself into a managerial development program to explore what are the fundamental issues governing his company’s growth and success, and, to evaluate his effectiveness and impact as a manager and as a leader.

The seminar he happened to participate in was the Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (MES) led by Alejandro Serralde of Reddin Consultants.

Business Results

With Reddin Consultants’ partnership, the new Modular Solar management team learned to face these new challenges in a deliberate and focused way:

  • creating a long term strategy for growth,
  • defining areas of authority and responsibility with the managers
  • establishing goals and objectives with a regular process for review.

This shift in perspective and process had a profound impact on the business. It not only allowed them to survive the economic crisis, but within 2 years Modulo Solar had record sales.