Client Story: Renault

Business Situation

The CEO of Renault Mexico in 2005, realized that in order to succeed with this new joint-venture manufacturing and distribution model, Renault Mexico needed to continue to elevate their image on the market, by becoming a more effective and very focused operation.

The CEO understood well that in order to get the operation behind the strategy and to execute against expectations, there needed to be synergy and alignment.

The CEO and Director of Human Resources were both aware that empowerment was the key to help people become committed, and, to grow in their jobs. They knew that empowerment promoted a sense of autonomy in taking on responsibilities and in driving initiatives.

Business Solution

The CEO asked Reddin Consultants to come in and support them with implementing a culture of awareness, effectiveness and impact with results.

With Reddin Consultants’ partnership they designed a series of interventions and workshops to shift the mind-set and create the consciousness of what operational excellence looks like.

Business Results

The Renault operation in Mexico realized their strategic goals and could point to the impact of the change process that was brought about.

  • Results oriented organization: everybody was clear about the results of each position
  • Less acceptance of low performance; did not accept explanations, only results
  • Increased autonomy for implementation of objectives
  • Increased objectivity: instead of hiding the problems or pleasing the boss, employees and managers talked about problems and faced reality
  • Increased team work: less conflict among directors, less need to do arbitrage
  • Enrichment: people were empowered with decision-making in their areas of responsibility. They saw the impact of their Results-based decisions. This led to heightened motivation and strong sense of ownership.

The key indicator that was set was the percentage of people reaching 100% of their objectives.