Client Story: Valeo

Business Situation

Valeo’s global management culture gives the individual freedom to solve problems that arise. For this reason, the Mexican management team identified an improvement area in efficiency, and, manager-skill development  to be more effective in change leadership. Manager also needed to realign their understanding of the processes of Valeo management systems.

Emilio Santamaría, the Director of Human Resources at Valeo in Mexico, was introduced to the Reddin Methodology at the Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (MES) twenty years ago while with another firm. Given the task at hand, he invited Reddin Consultants to propose a specific set of workshops and intervention programs, for their Mexican managers. Reddin Consultants partnered with Valeo in tailoring the workshops to resonate with Valeo’s 5 Axes and their Key Managerial Skills (KMS) institutional program.

Emilio recognized that the previous methodology worked well under the better market conditions, but that survival in their business depended on better management. “Reddin Consultants understand this, and at Valeo we do not look at the number of hours people work, but rather at the results,” he said.

Business Solution

The program Reddin Consultants proposed was focused to meet the needs of the company’s business challenges. They designed a 4-day program:

  • managerial skills evaluaiton
  • identifying areas of improvement
  • increasing manager’s abilities to analyze situations clearly when faced with problems,
  • improving their communication and self-confidence when presenting new ideas or achievements,
  • enabling them to make quality decisions using solid arguments based on the facts
  • measuring results.

The participants were the organization’s mid career managers.

This was a pilot project, with a view to implementing it across all Mexican production plants at a later date.

Business Results

Reddin Consultants’ methodology and process gave all participants the opportunity to learn how to give and receive constructive and results oriented feedback.

Over 100 manager’s participated in the Reddin Consultant’s workshops. The immediate result was that they became aware of their own individual management styles, the power of learning to identify other’s management styles, and management needs, and how to flex their management in order to move or change a situation.

By identifying effective areas, and establishing clear objectives for themselves and then for the their own teams, the participants as a whole began to work as an integrated management team. They understood the language of effectiveness, which became a common language, and approached each situation differently to be able to have the maximum and optimal impact.

Emilio declared, “a solid foundation has been laid to work together and there is good understanding of the concepts of effectiveness and situational leadership. Internal communication between the production, quality and processes departments had improved notably with a focus on increasing the efficiency of meetings, improved communication and feedback, and all based on concrete information. We are continuing applying the Reddin methodology on a continuous basis for the benefit of our business and ourselves.”