Using People Data to Create Value

Reddin Assessments is a suite of online, diagnostic instruments whose results give business and HR leaders analytics to evaluate the link between people and performance. Like a financial statement that summarizes revenue transformed into net income, our diagnostic instruments provide similar top and bottom line visibility about the people and the structure of an organization.

Supported by more than 40 years of research, and actively applied with companies globally, Reddin Assessments has identified of the most important factors governing the link between people and performance in an organization.

Through the use of the suite of Assessments, we help business’:

  • Find the key elements between talent management and labor productivity
  • Leverage data to identify attributes that make managers more successful
  • Screen potential managers using the managerial diagnostics
  • Enable business and HR leaders to define the links between people practices and performance more efficiently
  • Provide data to generate a talent strategy connected to business results
  • Integrate and easily use a systematic method for analyzing consolidated data from various measurements.

Reddin Assessments provides an objective analysis for evaluation, and, guidance in assessing the capacity of an organization to achieve the outcome expected with the right impact. The tools serve in making the right people-choices and organizational decisions to create value for a company.

Reddin Assessments is an exceptional set of diagnostic and analytical instruments for any organization: they are integrated, easy to use, and readily applied across organizations or on an individual basis. We install the software where you are.

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